Georgia Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Even more than car accidents, motorcycles accidents result in catastrophic personal injuries, including spinal cord injuries, paralysis, brain damage or traumatic brain injury, and major organ injury. They are also more likely to result in the death of a rider or passenger because there is very little protection in the collision.

If you or someone you care about has been involved in a motorcycle accident, it is important to know that you have the same legal rights as the victims of any other motor vehicle accident. However, insurance coverage for a motorcyclist or passenger can be more complicated. Many insurance policies that would normally provide coverage for an automobile collision may have a specific exclusion for motorcyclists.

Motorcyclists can take action against the negligent driver to pursue justice, as well as compensation, that will help pay for medical expenses, lost income, motorcycle damage, and pain and suffering.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

There a number of factors that often play a role in motorcycle wrecks. Most of the motorcycle cases we have handled resulted from:

  • A driver of a vehicle did not see the biker turning or slowing down in front of the car.
  • A car turning left directly in the path of a motorcycle.
  • A car changing lanes and side swiping the motorcycle or forcing it off the road.
  • Poor road conditions, including large potholes or inadequate construction signage.
  • Defects in motorcycle design or manufacture.
  • Negligence of the motorcycle driver. (This type of case arises when a passenger on the bike is injured due to the actions of the driver.)

Drivers that hit motorcyclists – and their insurance companies – will often try to blame the motorcyclist for the crash, or claim that they assumed the risk. But as far as Georgia law is concerned, negligence is negligence. Not being able to see the motorcycle victim is not a valid excuse or justification for the wreck. It means that driver was not paying close enough attention to the road and they can still be held responsible for the wreck.

The key to success in a motorcycle injury case is to conduct a thorough investigation, and aggressively pursue a financial recovery from all insurance sources, including the negligent driver. That’s where the experienced motorcycle accident attorneys come in.

Representing Bikers Across Georgia

The motorcycle accident lawyers at Studstill Firm, LLP, bring nearly four decades of experience to each client’s case. We represent those involved in motorcycle collisions across Georgia, including Valdosta, Waycross, Tifton, and Albany.

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