Georgia Boating Accident Attorneys

Georgia abundant lakes and reservoirs offer numerous opportunities for fishing, swimming and other recreational activities on the water. Unfortunately, many recreational boaters do not appreciate the power of the boats they control, and their ability to cause great damage if not handled appropriately. When serious personal injury or wrongful death results from a boating accident caused by somebody’s negligence, carelessness or recklessness, the attorneys at the Studstill Firm, LLP are here to stand up for the injured victim and hold the responsible parties accountable for their conduct.

Causes of Boating and Jet Ski Accidents

Most boating accidents in GA can be attributed to negligence or recklessness on the part of the operator of a motorboat, airboat, jet ski, wave runner or other personal watercraft (PWC). As a recreational activity, speed is often part of the excitement of operating a powerboat or PWC, and activities like crossing another watercraft’s wake or driving close to another may add to the thrill. However, these actions are dangerous and can lead to personal injury or wrongful death. Reckless driving, inattention and boating under the influence are also common actions that can lead to serious accidents or injuries.

Even a conscientious operator may be inexperienced or overmatched for the watercraft he or she is piloting. In such situations, the owner or another individual who allowed the vehicle to be piloted by an unqualified person may face liability as well. This “vicarious liability” can make employers liable for their employees’ negligence, parents liable for allowing their children to operate a boat, and rental companies responsible for who they put on a watercraft.

Boating accidents can also be caused by faulty equipment. Defective design or manufacture of the boat or PWC can cause a failure at a critical moment, resulting in a crash, explosion, capsizing or other serious accident.

Experienced Legal Representation for Your Georgia Boating Accident Claim

Having the right lawyer can make all the difference in achieving a successful outcome in a case involving serious personal injury or wrongful death. Our attorneys devote themselves to meeting their clients’ needs and getting them the maximum compensation they deserve. If you or someone you love has been injured in a water skiing or wakeboarding accident or any type of boating accident in Georgia contact us today at (229) 247-2299. We represent clients injured or killed on lakes and rivers throughout the state of Georgia, including Lake Lanier, Allatoona Lake, Chattahoochee River, Lake Oconee, Lake Oliver and Lake Blackshear.