Animal Attack Attorneys Serving Georgia Victims

When an animal attacks, the injuries can be very serious. Animal bite injuries typically involve deep bite wounds caused by powerful jaws and teeth. Injury victims may require several surgeries, including reconstructive surgery, to repair the damage. Infection is also often a problem.

During the last decade, the type and numbers of animals people are keeping as pets have increased significantly. It’s no longer only a family dog or cat. Homeowners are now keeping exotic pets, such as snakes, alligators, and iguanas, as well as hamsters, birds, ferrets, and mice. This increase in variety is accompanied by an increase in the risk for rabies, a disease for which extensive preventative treatment is required in the form of numerous painful injections. Many animal bites also occur to the face or head of victims, oftentimes leaving serious physical and emotional scars that last a lifetime.

Dog bites are by far the most common type of animal attack. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, about 4.7 million people are victims of dog bites each year, and most of them are children.

Georgia Pet Laws Provide Compensation

Regardless of the type or breed involved, if you have been attacked by an animal or bitten by a dog, you may be able to recover compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering, and scarring.

Our experienced dog bite lawyers will conduct a thorough investigation into the animal’s background to determine whether it has a history of aggressive behavior. If a dog bites, it is likely that the dog has bitten before. Also, our skilled animal attack attorneys are familiar with local city and county leash laws, fencing codes, and other ordinances that may have been violated by a careless pet owner.

In many cases, the pet owner’s home insurance policy provides coverage for injuries from a dog bite. However, insurance companies will often deny a claim when they should be paying it. This is why it’s very important to have a good lawyer in your corner.

Dog bite and animal attack victims in Lowndes, Tift, Cook, Bibb, and Houston Counties, and the surrounding areas, turn to the Studstill Firm, LLP because we have nearly 4 decades of personal injury experience to draw from when helping animal attack victims.

Compensation for Dog Bites and Animal Attacks

The Studstill Firm, LLP provides a free, no-obligation consultation to all dog bite and animal attack victims. We also charge no attorneys’ fees or expenses unless we are able to secure a recovery in your case. If you or a loved one has been bitten by a dog or attacked by an animal, contact us today at (229) 247-2299. Our firm has offices in Valdosta, Macon and Nashville, Georgia, and we are also available for home and hospital visits.