$2 Million Settlement for Victims of a Commercial Truck Accident

Our firm cares about each and every client we represent. That is why we fight hard to maximize the amount of compensation awarded to injured victims. Recently, we were able to represent a couple who had suffered severe injuries in a commercial truck accident, which are difficult and complex cases. Through diligent investigation and effective legal strategies, we were able to locate and recover the policy limits of $2 million in insurance coverage.

The Crash

The young couple was on their way home driving on a rural county highway in South Georgia when they were t-boned by a commercial semi-truck. The driver of the semi failed to stop at a stop sign and hit our client’s vehicle in the driver’s door, causing multiple severe and traumatic injuries. Because of the nature of our clients’ injuries, they were life-flighted to a trauma center for specialized treatment. The injuries would require numerous surgeries to repair and an extended hospital stay. They knew their medical bills would be astronomical and they would both be out of work for a long period of time. Fortunately, they called us soon after the crash, which allowed us to begin building their case immediately.

Our Firm’s Response

As soon as the couple contacted us, we opened an investigation into the accident. Our team worked quickly to gather and preserve all available evidence, and devoted our attention to the case right away. Because of our timely services, we were able to build a solid case before the trucking company or any of the insurance companies could alter or destroy valuable evidence. We retained top-notch experts to do a full reconstruction of the accident. Ultimately, we were able to prove that the truck driver and the company he drove for, as well as the owner of the trailer he was pulling, had violated a number of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

Our team fought hard on behalf of our clients, and ultimately we were able to identify multiple insurance policies that provided coverage for the wreck and force them to pay their limits to our clients. This was necessary to provide much-needed financial relief for medical bills (including massive hospital liens), lost wages, pain and suffering, and other expenses.

Because of our hard work and dedication to our clients’ case, we were able to obtain the maximum amount of compensation possible for them, and we were able to do so in a very short amount of time. This case was resolved a mere 7 months from the date of the car accident. This took the financial burden off of our clients, allowing them to focus on healing and moving forward after such devastating injuries.

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