Tips to Prevent Drunk Driving

As the holiday season approaches and Christmas parties and family gatherings are on the calendar, the potential for drunk driving accidents increases. We can all take responsibility to ensure that intoxicated or overserved people don’t get behind the wheel, whether they are family, friends, or complete strangers. That’s why we put together these tips explaining how to stop a drunk driver.

Pick a Designated Driver

If you know you are going to be drinking while away from home, consider having a designated driver established beforehand and have them pick you up from your house. This eliminates the pressure of worrying about leaving your vehicle in a parking lot and not having a way to get back to it the next day.

If you and your friends or coworkers are all going to the same place, consider appointing a designated driver beforehand and having them make the rounds to pick everyone up – make it part of the fun of the event. Ask the designated driver to watch out for everyone and make sure nobody goes over their limit. Taking these proactive steps all but eliminates the chance of someone in your group causing a drunk driving accident.

Call for a Ride

If someone drove themselves and seems unsafe to drive, ask them if you can call for an Uber, a taxi or another rideshare for them. Ask them for their keys so they don’t slip away unnoticed and get behind the wheel. Intoxicated persons are not the best judges of their own ability to drive. Go ahead and arrange for someone to pick them up the next day after they sober up to return them to their car or they can call a cab or an Uber to return to their car the next day.

Confront the Driver

If an intoxicated person insists on leaving the party and getting into their car, be confident and bold in approaching them and telling them they have had too much to drive. Don’t just assume they will realize they can’t drive before they leave the parking lot. Ask them to stay a while longer and drink some water and eat some food. An intoxicated person isn’t thinking clearly and may hesitate. Let them know that you’re looking out for them, and you only want to make sure they get home safe.

Get Help

If all else fails and the intoxicated person turns aggressive or insists on getting into their vehicle, consider asking the restaurant or bar for help. They are on the hook for overserving a patron of their establishment, so they have good reason to want to help you with the person and getting them home safely. Some people may listen to a stranger or an employee of a restaurant more than a friend. If all else fails, consider calling the police. After all, it’s better for everyone if the driver gets pulled over before harming someone else than to continue to run the risk of seriously injuring or even killing someone in a drunk driving accident.

If you or someone you love suffered serious injuries in a motor vehicle accident involving a drunk driver, you might have a case. If you’d like an experienced Valdosta drunk driving accident attorney from the Studstill Firm to evaluate your claim, don’t hesitate to send us an email or call (229) 515-8900.

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