How to Keep Your Child Safe In the Car

In any situation in life, ensuring our children are safe is of the utmost importance. There are so many dangers presented--especially on the road--that we must take extra precautions in order to keep them as protected as possible.


Far too often, there are reckless drivers on the road whose actions can lead to serious injuries. Because of this, you want to take all of the steps necessary to keep your child as safe as possible. Before you get behind the wheel, always ensure that you’re taking these steps for optimal protection.


Check Your Car Seat Often

You may install your child’s car seat properly, but you always want to check it to ensure it is still properly latched or that the seat belt is secure. You also want to be aware of its height and weight limits, as well as potential expirations to determine if it is still safe for your child.


No Matter the Age, Buckle Up

Whether your child is sitting in the back seat without any kind of booster seat or they’re still young enough to sit in a rear-facing car seat, harnesses and seat belts are the most important factor to keeping them safe.


Ensure that the latch is working correctly. Once your child is safely secured, give the seat belt a tug just to ensure they’re as safe as possible.


Drive Defensively

You may be the safest driver ever, but you don’t know how others on the road are going to operate. They may be safe, but there are far too many instances of negligence, you must be aware of the potential dangers on the road.


Be sure to not follow closely, don’t brake check the vehicle behind you, and follow all traffic laws. Even more importantly, look out for any signs of drunk or distracted drivers such as swerving or slowing down and speeding up.


Keeping your child safe should be your top priority. Unfortunately, negligence does exist and if something does happen, you need representation. Our Valdosta car accident attorneys at Studstill Firm, LLP are here to help.


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